You can download streaming media from sites like Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Google videos, DailyMotion, Porkolt, iFilm, DreamHost, Youporn, Pornhub and others, for free… using only a browser.

Yes, a browser. The Mozilla Firefox browser to be exact, and a superb extension called Video DownloadHelper.

What's Video DownloadHelper?

DownloadHelper is a free Firefox extension for downloading and converting videos from many sites with minimum effort. It will allow you to easily save videos from most of the popular video sites using only your browser, Firefox.

It is a tool for web content extraction. Its purpose is to capture video and image files from many sites. It can also capture and download audios and all the images from a gallery in a single operation.

As of this writing DownloadHelper can download from over 288 sites.

Click here for a complete list of supported sites

Is it safe and legal to download contents from sites?

According to

Note that DownloadHelper does not break any real protection implemented on the sites. It gives easier access to available content that will be downloaded by your browser anyway. With some exceptions, downloaded videos must be kept on your disk for personal use and are not to be shown on other websites.

The idea here, for legality's sake, is that mostly sites, browsers and other various systems caches web documents (contents like HTML pages, images, videos, etc.) into your disk – for speed, so with this, you are allowed to store the contents into your disk, and by using DownloadHelper you can select these contents (that'll be cached) and download them.

So, let's get the downloading started.

If you don't have it yet, you can download Firefox at:

How to Install Video DownloadHelper Add-On in Firefox

1. Click or copy and paste the link in Firefox:

2. Click Add to Firefox.

3. Click Install.

Video DownloadHelper for Firefox is now installed.

You can check-out and customize the extension right away by clicking Preferences or have it later by going to, in Firefox, Tools -> DownloadHelper -> Preferences.

How to Download Audio, Video and Images using DownloadHelper in Firefox

When surfing the web, DownloadHelper automatically detects any available downloadable content(s). If there's available, it will animate its icon.

This: basically means you can download (contents).

(The animated icon is located at the Navigation Toolbar (upper left))

Downloading can be done in 3 ways. Just choose the best one that suites you.

1. Download using the Dropdown Arrow at the Navigation Toolbar

When its icon gets animated clicking the dropdown arrow will show items available for download.

Bear in mind that the icon and dropdown arrow are two different things.

By clicking the:

  • Icon (animated or not) – It opens up a dialog window showing a list of selected video sites.
  • Dropdown arrow – will show the list of downloadable contents. Use this to download.

Also the list of downloadable items that will show will diiffer depending on the website and contents available. Take for instance Youtube, a single video clip will show multiple downloadable (video) items differentiated by file types and compressions.

To download:

1. Click the Dropdown arrow.

2. Then click an item name to download.

2. Download using the Context Menu

1. Right click on the page.

2. Go to DownloadHelper -> Media.

3. Then click an item name to download

3. Download using the Tools Menu

1. In Firefox go to Tools -> DownloadHelper -> Media.

2. Then click an item name to download

That's basically it.

(Optional) Convert videos automatically as soon as they are downloaded

This is quite a lengthy process, for the complete guide refer to this post:

(Optional) Edit DownloadHelper's Number of Maximum Download

By default, DownloadHelper will only actively download two files simultaneously and queues the rest. To change the max download:

1. In Firefox go to Tools -> DownloadHelper -> Preferences.

2. Select Services -> Download.

3. Edit Max downloads then click Close.

(Optional) Restore DownloadHelper's Navigation Toolbar Icon

If the icon doesn't appear in the Navigation Toolbar, you can restore it by:

1. In Firefox go to View -> Toolbars -> Customize.

2. Locate DownloadHelper's icon and drag it into the Navigation Toolbar.

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