This will only work on a jailbroken device.

(I have to remind you that this method (downloading & installing cracked apps) will hurt the iOS developers. It's illegal and in a way will affect the developers and their future projects. So, if you fell guilty about it then don't bother with this guide, or you can just use this method as a way to test drive the apps. If you enjoyed the apps and have money to spare, then buy them legally at cydia store.)

1. Open up Cydia. –>

2. Navigate into Manage -> Sources.

3. Now tap Edit then Add.

4. Type:

(repo link updated)

5. Tap the Add Source button.

6. In Source Warning select Add Anyway.

It will update its sources. Just wait for it to finish.

7. When done, try it by going into Search.

8. Now try searching for a paid Cydia app. Example: Dreamboard.

Notice that the search result (of a paid app) will now list two available for download. The one highlighted in blue is the paid app, the other is the cracked app.

9. To install, just tap the cracked app. Then select Install.

You can always identify if it's a cracked app by the text "hackstor" in its info.

If you want to browse all of HackStor's apps, in Cydia, go to Manage -> Sources. Then tap hackStor.

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