Talkatone is an app that allows you to configure your Google Voice account allowing your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to call any landline or mobile phone (in U.S. and Canada for free).

About Talkatone:

Unlimited free calls and text messages to any US or Canadian phone number. Make your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad an Internet phone.

Use Talkatone to stay connected with your family, friends and business partners. Login with your Google Talk℠ account and enjoy absolutely free voice calls and text instant messages. Configure your Google Voice℠ to make calls to phone numbers in North America.

What you need:

  • iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that's connected to the net
  • Headset for iPod Touch and iPad (optional)
  • A Gmail (Google) account. You can get one here:


1. Open the App Store app in you iDevice.

2. Go to Search and type: talkatone

3. Select Install. (in iPhone apps)

4. When installation is done. Open up Talkatone.


5. Now select Get Started.

6. Next, enter your Gmail (Google) Email and Password.

7. Then select Start using Talkatone then Not in U.S. (if not).

All done. You can now start calling any landline or mobile phone (U.S. and Canada free).


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